Retrofitting or renovating an existing building can often be more cost-effective than building a new facility. Sun Construction has extensive experience with creating high-performance buildings through retrofit and renovation construction methods. A retrofit usually refers to making changes to the systems inside a building, adding new technology or even altering the overall structure itself. Adding new technologies in a building retrofit can result in significant reductions in energy and water usage. In a renovation project, Sun Construction leads our clients through upgrades to existing infrastructure, including the building’s mechanical systems, as well as a wide variety of aesthetics.

During remodel and construction, Sun Construction will work hard to minimize the disruptions to our clients’ business operations. Some protective measures we use may include:

  • Isolation of construction using physical barriers and directional airflows
  • Use of exhaust ventilation
  • Protection of the occupied area’s HVAC system
  • Temporary relocation of building air intakes
  • Conducting some construction activities outside normal business hours